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Enhancing Individual Lives with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families

Promoting Abilities Wisconsin

Day Service Progam for Developmentally Disabled Adults in Green Bay, WI

Our program is geared towards developmentally disabled adults who have the self-determination and desire to improve or want to be more independent. We focus on the abilities of an individual and not their disabilities. We will work hard to help you achieve your goals to be independent. We are a community based program that embraces hands on learning and we know we can help you.

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Day Service Progam for Developmentally Disabled Adults Green Bay, WI

Metro Bus
"Learn and Gain

Learn to Ride the Metro Bus System in Green Bay

Skill Building for
Successful Employment
"Build Confidence and

Learn to Ride the Metro Bus System in Green Bay

"Improve Health and
Quality of Life"

Physical Activity Improve Health Skills

"Healthy Meals to Promote
Healthy Living"

Learn to Make Healthy Meals & Nutrition Skills

"Gain Confidence and Skills to
One Day Explore on your Own"

Community Integration Skills

"Promotes Friendships
and Teamwork"

We Promote Small Groups for Friendship & Teamwork

"Learn to Make Your Own
Meals Daily in Program"

Learn to Make Healthy Meals & Nutrition Skills

"Learn the Skills Needed
to Grocery Shop"

Community Integration Skills

Soft Skill

We Promote Small Groups for Friendship & Teamwork

Money and Time

We Promote Small Groups for Friendship & Teamwork

Frequently Asked Questions on Promoting Abilities

A: Promoting Abilities is a Program that focuses on critical thinking skills involving problem-solving, time-sensitivity, and adaptivity.

A: Program is geared towards disabled adults who have the self-determination, desire to learn life skills or improve on the skills they possess, and view their lives transitioning towards an independent life-style.

A: Program is dedicated to developing life skills at an un-timed work pace in an effort to focus on developing each individual at a successful rate.

A: Promoting Abilities Program focuses and embraces integrating disabled adults into our community. One main objective is mode of transportation, we utilize Green Bay Metro System daily.

A: Quality over Quantity: I believe having adequate invested time with the individuals we serve is the best approach. No more than 10 participants are enrolled per day to ensure this quality is met.

A: Developing responsible, respectful, and resourceful adults is a key element of Promoting Abilities.

A: Program focuses on retraining disabled adults from having others taking care of everything to them slowly transitioning into that role (this may take years to develope but its vitally important to start the process now and build those life skills to bridge those gaps of knowledge).

A: Promoting Abilities serves disabled individuals 18 and older in Brown County, WI and is located in Green Bay, WI.

A: Promoting Abilities works at volunteer sites and work on skills necessary to gain employment.


2701 Larsen Rd
Green Bay, WI 54303

P: 920-412-1299


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